Help Prevent Cruelty to Farmed Animals

Help Prevent Farmed Animal CrueltyOn January 23, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned a 2008 California law that required the humane euthanasia of sick and disabled ("downed") animals at slaughterhouses, ruling that California's law was preempted by federal law. This decision highlights the urgent need for changes in the law at the federal level.

Contact your federal legislators by completing the form to the right. Urge them to support the Downed Animal and Food Safety Protection Act, which would help prevent the cruel mistreatment of downed animals unable to walk to their own slaughter.

The Downed Animal and Food Safety Protection Act (H.R. 3704), sponsored by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), would permanently prohibit all downed animals from being used for food, and require that these animals be humanely euthanized.

The bipartisan bill would improve upon federal regulations by making the ban on downed animals permanent and apply to all farmed animals -- not just cattle as is currently the case with existing regulations.

Help prevent the cruel mistreatment of sick and disabled farmed animals! Contact your legislators today!