Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania!

Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania!Update
March 16, 2012:
SB 626 has been "laid on the table", but it is not dead. Your calls are needed to persuade senators that the public cares about protecting pigeons from cruelty.

Senate Bill 626, which would ban cruel live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania, passed the state Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill will now move to the full Senate where your support is needed more than ever to assure its passage.

Pennsylvania is the last state to allow the cruel spectacle of live pigeon shoots in which shooters aim to kill dazed pigeons launched randomly from boxes hoping to kill the most birds within a ring for prizes and money. Each year these grisly competitions take place nearly every weekend in Pennsylvania.

Please make a brief, polite call to your state senator and ask support for Senate Bill 626, to finally ban pigeon shoots. You can follow up your phone call by sending an email through the Animal Legal Defense Fund's website.

Sample script: As your constituent, I urge you to support SB 626, which would ban cruel live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. Please vote, YES, on SB 626.

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