Teen Felon Sentenced for Assaulting His Girlfriend and Trying to Flush a Puppy

June 2011:
Having pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse and a felony-level drug charge, Joshua Ray Gordon was sentenced on May 18, 2011. For the animal abuse charge he was sentenced to one year of jail time, stayed for two years during which time he will be under supervised probation. On the felony count, to be served concurrently, he was sentenced to 366 days of prison time, stayed pending three years of supervised probation, and 72 days of jail time with credit for 72 days already served. Mr. Gordon’s probation conditions prohibit him from entering bars or liquor stores and include orders for psychological evaluation and treatment, GED completion, and 90 days of electronic home monitoring.

(St. Louis County, Minn.) Apparently, a December 2009 conviction for third degree felony assault did not make much of an impression on Joshua Ray Gordon, 18. Two months later, he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and severely beat a 12-week-old puppy named Griffin. Witnesses told police that Gordon had attempted to flush the puppy down a toilet and that the puppy had been wrapped in a wet blanket and left in the basement for several days with no food or water. When police found him, he was dehydrated and underweight. He had bleeding in his right eye and didn't want to lift his head or stand up.

On February 11, 2010 officers arrested Gordon for assaulting and injuring his girlfriend, cruelty to an animal resulting in great bodily harm, selling marijuana in a school zone and possession of a stun gun, all felonies.

St. Louis County District Court
300 South 5th Avenue
Virginia, MN 55792
(218) 749-7106
case #69VI - CR - 10 - 190

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