Sign the Petition! Model Ordinance for Great Apes

Gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees are our closest nonhuman primate cousins, and they are endangered. We must act now to protect them today, or they may not have a tomorrow. Please sign the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s petition, known as the Model Ordinance for Great Apes, today!

Dear Lawmaker,

Great apes have complex social structures, rich emotional lives, and fascinating communication, tool-building, and problem solving abilities. In the wild, they often roam for miles at a stretch, and maintain very real family bonds that last a lifetime. Their capacity for suffering from stress, anxiety, deprivation, and pain is immense.

Yet many great apes continue to be held in captivity in the U.S. in substandard conditions—they deserve better. To help win better protections through the legal system for our closest relatives, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has drafted a model law known as the Model Ordinance for Great Apes that is designed to serve as the basis for local ordinances to protect great apes nationwide.

Basic protections in ALDF’s Model Ordinance for Great Apes include proper care and guardianship of these magnificent animals, such as real enrichment and regular socializing, daily exercise, access to both indoors and outdoors, and the ability to express natural behaviors in all facilities. Regular veterinary care and a healthy diet must be provided.

ALDF thinks these basic rights must be granted for the care and guardianship of all great apes in the U.S.

ALDF and the undersigned urge passage of a Great Apes Ordinance in anywhere where apes are held captive—without a law to protect them, great apes will continue to be harmed.
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