Chiapas Organizations Ask Support: Community Activists Face Harassment and Intimidation Tactics

Human rights and community leaders in Mexico continue to experience threats—including death threats. They ask for help from global activists to protect their lives and their community work.

Join us in demanding that the Mexican government respect the human rights of activists. By completing the form below, the following letter will be delivered to these Mexican authorities:

Felipe Calderón Hinojosa
President of Mexico

Jorge Carlos Hurtado Valdez
Governor of Campeche

Alfredo Elías Ayub
General Director, Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE)

Juan Sabines Guerrero
Governor of Chiapas

Amador Rodríguez Lozano
Minister of Justice in the State of Chiapas

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March 03, 2015


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English translation of the letter:

In solidarity to the representatives of different communities and municipalities of the state of Chiapas, I ask for your immediate action to address the issues presented by local organizations about the intimidation and other human rights violations caused by the Federal Commission of Electricity.

It is unacceptable that these local communities and organizers are still facing such problems. In December of 2008, 1,118 friends of Grassroots International sent letters to support the claims of local organizers against CFE. At this point, CFE has neither dropped the charges against Sara Lopez and Joaquin Aguilar, from the Civil Resistance, nor has it stopped its intimidation and harassment tactics against other local communities and organizers.

In the last weeks, communities in Chiapas such as La Gloria, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, and Don Pedro, municipality of Sitalá, have been targeted by unacceptable tactics of CFE. It is the same situation that we had denounced in December about the intimidation CFE is using to repress communities who defend their rights. In the case of Don Pedro community, CFE’s actions resulted in the death of a farmer and several people wounded.

Also, I want to express my solidarity to Norma Cacho who has received threats by phone and has been victimized with harassment. Norma is a member of CIEPAC, another Grassroots International ally in Mexico.

From what I understand, CFE continues with the same strategy to generate conflicts in indigenous and peasant communities in Chiapas by manipulating local ejido, communal and municipal authorities. The tactics of divide and rule will generate more deaths.

I and other friends of Grassroots ask for your prompt action to stop such human rights violations against rural families.


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