Take Action: Urge your House Member to Take the SNAP Challenge

The House Agriculture Committee's Farm Bill includes a $20 billion cut to SNAP, and is headed to the House floor. To demonstrate the need to protect SNAP from devastating cuts, the Out of Poverty Caucus and other champions are hosting a SNAP Challenge from June 13 to 19, 2013. Many national, state, and local organizations, Congressional staffers, and FRAC’s very own Ellen Teller will be taking the challenge.
Take Action: Help draw attention to the Challenge and to the need to protect and strengthen SNAP

1) Urge your Members of Congress to commit to taking the SNAP Challenge. There are many ways House Members can participate in the SNAP Challenge: 1) live on a SNAP budget, even if it's just for a day, 2) participate in the shopping trip on June 12, 3) speak out on the House floor about the importance of SNAP through one-minutes or special orders, and 4) host a screening of the documentary 'A Place at the Table'. Follow this link to the Dear Colleague letter (pdf) for more details about how to participate.
2) Send out a press release to applaud your House Member for taking the Challenge - download this model release (MS Word document).

3) Participate in the conversation by either taking the SNAP Challenge yourself or by using social media to talk about what the proposed SNAP cuts would mean for low-income Americans. You can:

  • Blog or share your experiences, even from a previous challenge you took.
  • Participate virtually in the kick-off shopping trip, which will be held on June 12.
  • Follow @fractweets to join us at all of the events. Use #SNAPchallenge, #SNAPworks, and #endhungernow in your tweets to be included in the ongoing conversation. We will have use this SNAP Challenge page on Storify to capture all of the efforts around the country. Contact Betsy Edwards, bedwards@frac.org, to make sure we integrate your work into this page.