Take Action on Senate Farm Bill

Call your Senators and urge them to VOTE NO on amendments that would weaken SNAP:

  • Roberts Amdt #948: Eliminates SNAP ‘Heat and Eat’, restricts Cat-El to TANF cash-only, eliminates SNAP Employment and Training funding, eliminates SNAP state bonus performance payments, eliminates nutrition education grant program and terminates SNAP ARRA boost on September 1, 2013.
  • Roberts Amdt #949: Eliminates SNAP ‘Heat and Eat’ Program
  • Roberts Amdt #950: Eliminates the SNAP employment and training program
  • Sessions Amdt #946: Terminates current Partnership for Nutrition Assistance Initiative between the U.S. and Mexico. This Partnership, established by the Bush Administration, helps low-income, legal immigrant (often citizen) children access food, allowing them to be healthier, better educated children with brighter futures.
  • Sessions Amdt #947: Requires all members of a household applying for SNAP to provide documentation of citizenship or immigration status.  If each household member could not meet the documentation requirements, then the entire household would be ineligible.  Currently, states may not deny SNAP to eligible individuals based on the status of other family members who are not seeking services. Research shows that this new requirement would adversely impact senior citizens, especially African Americans, who live in rural areas because they do not have a birth certificate.  Some may have never been issued a birth certificate because their birth was not officially registered – in some cases due to racial discrimination in hospitals or poverty which prevented access to hospital care. Imposing these new requirements would create enormous administrative hurdles for the most vulnerable, delay benefits for needy households who must seek original birth certificates, and terminate benefits to individuals who cannot access such documentation.
  • Thune Amendment #991: Cuts SNAP Nutrition Education funding by $2.1 billion by reducing state's funding to $5 per SNAP participant.
  • Inhofe Amdt #959: Reduces retailer standards included in S. 954. 
  • Thune Amdt #991: Cuts SNAP Nutrition Education funding by $2.1 billion by reducing state's funding to $5 per SNAP participant.
  • Coburn Amdt  #1000: Forces USDA to approve state requests for waivers for restrictions on eligible foods in SNAP. 
  • Coburn Amdt #1002: Places restrictions on SNAP outreach funds. 
  • Coburn Amdt #1005: Consolidates the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP); Community Food Projects; The Emergency Food and Shelter Program; grants to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian organizations for nutrition and supportive services; food distribution program on Indian reservations, The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program; Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP); and the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program. 
  • Coburn Amdt #1009: Prohibits the use of any EBT card to receive cash.  FRAC opposes this amendment which would undermine states' efficient and effective use of technology to deliver TANF and other benefits. 
  • Vitter Amdt #1056: Establishes harsh lifetime ban for persons convicted of certain felonies.  For more information, go to: