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Jeanette has lived in Colorado for over 15 years, has 3 small children who are US citizens, started a small business with her husband who is a cancer survivor, and has given selflessly as a community activist. She worked for SEIU as a labor organizer and volunteered with her children’s schools, the Aurora Neighborhood Watch Program, and Rights for All People. Jeanette has worked hard for her community in Colorado and has inspired many with her courage and passion.

Since 2009, Jeanette has been fighting her deportation case when she was pulled over by local police and arrested for driving without a license. In 2012 an immigration judge denied her prosecutorial discretion but Jeanette kept fighting to stay with her family and filed an appeal. While she waited for the decision on her appeal Jeanette’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jeanette had not seen her mother for over 15 years and the thought of not being able to see her mother again pained Jeanette so much that she returned to Mexico on September 2012 to be with her mother.  Jeanette’s mother died before Jeanette could speak with her for the last time.

After the burial of her mother, Jeanette attempted to find work in Mexico but was discriminated for her age. Upon facing the crushing poverty in Mexico and seeing no future for her family in Mexico, Jeanette risked her life and attempted to cross the border to reunite with her children in Colorado. Jeanette was detained by the Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas detention center, released shortly after, and reunited with her family back in Colorado. On July 24th, Jeannette went to see a deportation officer as part of the supervision program she is in. She was arrested and detained right on the spot, and could be deported soon.

Jeanette’s story exemplifies the brutality of our immigration system that is unjustly separating families, denying the opportunity to live a life with dignity, denying the opportunity be with their loved ones at their death. Although this immigration system has tried to destroy Jeanette’s dignity, Jeanette is still fighting to be with her children and she needs our support!!

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