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Dear Supporter,

This morning, the Senate Appropriations Committee heard SB 1005 (Lara), the Health for All Act.


The California Immigrant Policy Center is disappointed that the Chair and members of the Committee held this important bill in suspense, preventing it from advancing to the Senate Floor. Sen. De Leon, chair of the committee, did indicate some possibility that the proposal could be reconsidered this year.

This delay means that poor health outcomes and unnecessary deaths will continue to hurt Californians who have been shut out of the Affordable Care Act because of their immigration status.

In the coming months, CIPC and our partners will intensify the fight to ensure that all Californians have access to affordable health care. Our state has come a long way since the days of Prop 187, and we need to be a national leader in fully including all immigrants. We urge policymakers to remember that  investing in immigrant families is investing in the future success of California as a whole.  

Immigrant community members and supporters have built tremendous momentum and brought this issue to the forefront, making calls to state legislators, testifying in hearings, and traveling across the state in an “Undocu-CARE-van” connecting with people through town halls and community meetings.

From this advocacy work we've heard directly from undocumented individuals for whom affordable and equitable access to care is painfully unattainable. Such is the case with participants of the “Health For All” townhalls like Gilberto from San Diego. Because he’s undocumented and uninsured, he went undiagnosed of diabetes and lost 50% of his vision. Gilberto’s story and those of countless others from across the state shows that California cannot afford to delay Health for All. Without comprehensive care our immigrant communities will continue to face barriers to treating easily preventable conditions that could mean the difference between life and death.

As our journey for health justice continues, our resolve remains strong and we will continue to work to heal the exclusive health policies that currently put California families in the red zone.


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