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Dear Supporter,

The next three days are absolutely crucial for our fight to pass SB 1005, the Health For All" Act, by Senator Lara. 

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard the bill the morning of Monday, May 19, 2014, and subsequently placed it in the "suspense" file. This Friday May 23rd, the committee will hold a hearing to decided whether bills on suspense move forward to the Senate floor. 

Can you take a few minutes to help push this vital bill forward?

1. Call Senate Appropriations Committee Members

Can you help us support Health For All and call Senate Appropriations Committee members?

Sample Message:

“Hello my name is __________, and I greatly appreciate all that Senator de Leon has done to fight for immigrants rights. However, the job is not done and I am calling to urge Senator_______ to stand up to ensure ALL Californians get access to affordable health coverage. Please vote SB 1005 out of suspense, and send it to a Senate Floor vote.”

Kevin de Leon (Chair)- 22nd Senate District
Capitol: (916) 651-4022
District: (213) 483-9300

(Note: Senator de Leon is a co-author of SB 1005. He supports the policy but nonetheless can maintain the bill in suspense due to the cost)

Senator Darell Steinberg- 6th Senate District
Capitol: (916) 651-4006
District: (916) 651-1529

Senator Jerry Hill- 13th Senate District
Capitol: (916) 651-4013
District: (650) 212-3313

2. Share a Tweet!

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Sample Tweet: “Support #Health4all. Tell your members of the Sen. Appropriation Committee to get #SB1005 out of suspense!”

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Sample Tweet: “Let’s make sure ALL Californians have access to health coverage. RT if you think #SB1005 should move out of suspense!#Health4all”

3. Share UC Berkeley/UCLA’s new study about SB 1005!

Today the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research released an important economic analysis of SB 1005.

Please share the Policy Brief "A Little Investment Goes A Long Way" with your networks by clicking HERE

Senate Appropriations Committee Members

Kevin de Leon (Chair) 22nd Senate District Capitol:(916) 651-4022 District:(213) 483-9300

Senator Darell Steinberg 6th Senate District Capitol:(916) 651-4006 District:(916) 651-1529

Senator Jerry Hill
13th Senate District

Capitol:(916) 651-4013
District:(650) 212-3313


More Information:

SB 1005 Fact Sheet

UC Berkeley Labor Center UCLA Center for Health Policy 

"A Little Investment Goes A Long Way" Policy Brief 


Please contact:

Betzabel Estudillo



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