Don’t Burn Our Future

We deserve clean air and resources for the future, and both are at risk right now. Please SIGN A LETTER urging your state Senator to reject special interest legislation AB 1126 today.

Waste incineration in our country has been regulated for decades, with good reason. It undermines recycling and conservation and pollutes our air, water, and land, posing grave threats to our health and environment.

Yet cement plants and other industrial facilities in California may soon be allowed to burn mixed waste, including used plastics and tires. This bill will encourage more waste burning, and could be interpreted to provide a disastrous loophole around federal emission control standards for incineration – a back door way of getting around regulations that were adopted to protect public health!

AB 1126 would also make it easier for highly-polluting facilities to get climate protection credits by burning wood, paper, and other organic materials. They claim that the greenhouse gases that result are “carbon neutral” – even though these emissions have exactly the same impact on the climate.   

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, the Ecology Center, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Sierra Club California, and Story of Stuff Project are fighting these developments, and we need your help. Please join us by sending an email via the link below and calling your state Senator to urge a “NO” vote on AB 1126. 

When calling your state Senator to urge her or him to vote “NO” on AB 1126, you may want to make these points:
•    This bill creates a legal pathway for burning more waste as fuel--undermining recycling and conservation.
•    This bill threatens to increase pollution in our communities.
•    Burning waste for energy should not be promoted as less polluting because it is not true. We need real climate and pollution solutions.

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